About Our Cat Hospital

We're cat people!

Our experienced doctors spend every day focused on only feline medicine, and our warm compassionate staff are committed to low stress visits and great customer service! Locally owned and operated, we are very proud to serve Tucson, AZ and the surrounding areas. Our mission is to provide exceptional gold standard care and compassion for cats and the people who love them.

We are passionate about providing kitties comfortable and outstanding care. Providing state-of-the-art medical services for kitties ensures lifelong health. We invest in cutting-edge technologies so that we can keep pace with the latest developments in feline medicine. We invest heavily in training for our staff to ensure they remain at peak performance. This is coupled with an outstanding level of customer service and education for our clients. In addition, we believe in service to the community, and strive to help cats in need.

Locally Owned & Operated

Our History:

The building we are in was built in the early 80’s by Dr. Walter Cole who opened a companion animal hospital at that time. In 1998, Dr. Minta Keyes a trailblazer, transformed the hospital into a cat only practice, one of the few across the country at the time. After 24 years it was time for Dr. Keyes to retire which is when the current owner, and fellow ailurophile, Dr. Johnston purchased the practice. We are proud to have a long legacy of being veterinarian and locally owned. With Dr. Johnston’s life-long love of cats, the Cat Hospital will continue its legacy of stress-free veterinary visits with exceptional care for our feline friends.

Our Goals:

As feline lovers, we want to spend quality time with each cat that comes through our door.

We’re passionate about ensuring cats have a life of comfort and joy. We understand the complexities that come with caring for these fantastic felines (we all own cats ourselves). We are familiar with their complex medical needs and their complicated personalities. Spicy kitties welcomed.

Our reward is seeing your cat live its best life; healthy and pain free!

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Cat Care Beyond Compare

Annual wellness exams with early detection lab work, routine dental cleanings, and pain management are too often overlooked for cats in general practice. Not at the Cat Hospital as we know early detection enhances the life of your feline friend. We partner with you to ensure your cat thrives for their entire life. We are a full service practice, offering wellness exams, vaccinations, dentistry, internal medicine, imaging, pain management (including laser and acupuncture), and routine surgery.

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