Veterinary Services

Why Feline-Only Medicine?

We may be biased, but we believe there a numerous benefits for you and your cat choosing a feline-only practice for veterinary services. Cats shouldn’t be treated like small dogs. Cats have distinct diseases, unique metabolism, and particular responses to stress.

By concentrating on cats, we can focus our training and resources on their care. We have found this builds our experience and knowledge of feline medicine. This knowledge is especially important when dealing with the peculiarities of cats. From rare breeds to uncommon diseases. We understand how kitties hide pain and illness, how often they experience co-morbidities, how they respond to vaccines and medications, and the type of environment that makes their visit to the veterinarian more comfortable.


Wellness Care
Senior & Geriatric Medicine
Pain Management
Anesthesia & Surgery
Urgent Care/In-House Diagnostics
Behavior Consults

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