Pain Management

The Cat Hospital of Tucson veterinarians know how to detect and manage pain in cats. Whether acute or chronic pain, you want your kitty pain free and so do we. Utilizing numerous tools from acupuncture to the newest biologics, we help your kitty feel comfortable again.

Recognizing Pain

Cats may seem like mysterious creatures that are difficult to read, but cats actually express pain in a variety of subtle ways. If you’re attentive and observant, you can learn to identify signs cats display when they’re hurting.

Knowing these small differences between a happy, healthy cat and one in pain, will help you keep your feline friend “feline” fine!

Painful Feline Conditions/Injuries:

Treating & Managing Pain

Recognizing pain is the first step. The next is determining the cause. Often, laboratory and/or imaging aid in diagnosis. Depending on the type of pain and its cause, different treatment options are available.

Our veterinarians know multi-modal pain management is the gold standard approach and may recommend more than one method of pain control. We provide a plan to keep your kitty “feline” fine!

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