Your cat is an important member of the family.  As a proud parent of a beautiful feline make sure home is not the only place they are cared for.  Going for regular vet visits is key to a happy, healthy kitty.  Receive great feline veterinary services in Tuscon, AZ at the Cat Hospital of Tuscon. 

They offer a variety of services and programs to care for every stage of your feline’s life.  From pet food, to exams, shots, cat boarding and more.  Get all your kitty’s needs under one roof.  Below, check out their impressive services for perfect cat wellness. 

Feline Internal Medicine

Veterinarian Dr. Keyes knows proper diagnosis means your cat receives the right care and treatment which is so important for the health of your cat.  Their team provides routine blood work, various test and regular checkups so pet parents take comfort knowing their cat’s health care is first grade.

Senior and Geriatric Care

Growing older is a part of life.  With Senior and Geriatric Care they make sure you make necessary changes for your aging cat.  Routine checkups are vital especially since cats hide their illness so well.  Their diet is adjusted to ensure your cat continues eating and maintaining a healthy weight. 

Wellness Care Exams and Vaccines

Wellness visits keep the Cat Hospital veterinarians informed about the health of your cat.  Your cat’s exams and vaccines are preventative methods used to keep your cat healthy and disease free.

Cat Dental Care

Dental disease goes so much further than your feline’s teeth.  If left untreated it could lead to more serious illnesses including the death of your cat.  We offer regular oral checkups and encourage feline parents to brush their cat’s teeth for better oral care.

Comfort Care and Hospice Care

Coming to terms with the end of your cat’s life is an emotional one especially if euthanizing is necessary.  With comfort and hospice care our mission is to help pet parents say good-bye to their feline family member. 

Feline Behavioral Consultation

How your cat behaves could mean a happy home or a frustrated one.  Services designed to help include resources and feline counseling.

Feline Spay/Neuter Surgery

Spay and Neuter Surgery not only helps control the pet population, but helps improve the health of your feline.  We offer exceptional services designed to treat your cat and get them back on their paws in no time.

Blood Pressure Measurement

Blood pressure screening is important because It is a silent killer for cats too.  We offer diagnostic screening and testing to stay informed of your pet’s health.  If you have an older cat, this screening service is even more important. 


With this technology, we make more precise diagnosis for the best care for your pet.  With high quality images, we see the inside of your cat clearer to make life and time saving treatment plans to better care for your pet.


Some health conditions are diagnosed only with using an ultrasonography.  A cat’s organs are seen clearly for a more accurate diagnosis for your pet’s care.  It is a state of the art tool that allows us to diagnosis faster to move forward with treatment to properly care for your feline

Laboratory Assessment

Getting answers faster about your pet’s health is important to us.  Using our laboratory for assessments means we get answers faster.  With this type of in-house services, we can provide more efficient and swift treatment care for our feline clients.

Cat Boarding

If you cannot take your feline child with you, we offer exceptional boarding care.  We make every effort to keep your kitty’s routine as familiar as possible because your cat’s comfort is important to us.  We offer a complete tour of our facility so pet parents know their feline child will be well taken care of.

Choosing the right veterinarian is just as important as the right pet.  Schedule an appointment to learn more about the amazing feline services and resources available for total feline care. Contact us today.