Commonly Overlooked Health Problems

Unlike canines, who are typically more verbal and social, cats are not always great at letting their owners know when something is wrong or painful for them. The following are some things to look for that might be indicators of health problems.

Heavy breathing, regularly breathing through the mouth, or snoring without a known cause could be signs of allergens in your cat’s environment or feline asthma. We can test for these.

If your cat has bad breath, is prone to drooling, or if when they eat they do it very slowly or drop food from their mouth, it’s possible that they may have dental issues. These could include problems with their teeth, gums or a combination of the two.

When it comes to your cat’s water consumption, if it seems like they’re relieving themselves infrequently compared to how much they drink or if their urine smells particularly strong, this may be an indicator of a urinary tract issue or kidney problems. While they typically occur more often in older cats, it’s still something to watch for.

Also, common in older felines, if your cat seems to be often in pain, hunches up when sitting, moves stiffly or avoids moving in general, then your cat may be developing arthritis. While there’s no cure for arthritis, there are things that can be done to make your cat more comfortable.

Another problem that may not be caught before it’s too late is obesity. This is usually easier to prevent than it is to reverse, by talking with your vet about the amount of calories you cat should be consuming based on their activity level.

Finally, keeping an eye on your cat’s eyes is important to catching any issues before they may become big problems. Things like the sclera-looking yellow, or conjunctivitis symptoms which can cause draining or discharge. These kinds of symptoms may not be related directly to the eye, but be indicators of other health issues.

If your feline is exhibiting any of the above symptoms, make sure to set an appointment with us, so we can review these symptoms as well as take a closer look at your cat.


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